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Add as much detail as you can

Ads with clear details get more views! Include keywords and information that buyers will be interested in. Remember to be honest while providing these details.

Add great photos

Use clear photos of the item you're selling. Ads with real photos get up to 10 times more views than ads with catalogue/stock photos. Make sure the lighting is good and take photos from different angles.

Pick the right price

Everything sells if the price is right! Browse similar ads on ikman and choose a competitive price. In general, the lower the price, the higher is the demand. If you are willing to negotiate, be sure to select the Negotiable option while posting the ad.

Apply Ad Promotions!

Now that you have created a great ad, it's time to show it off! Apply Ad Promotions to get up to 10 times more views and interested buyers for your ad. The higher the demand, the better your chances of selling fast for the price that you want.